Tomas Phillips

Biographie (Anglais)

Tomas Phillips (1969) is a composer, novelist, and teacher whose work focuses on through-composition sound art and minimalist fictions.

Central to his artistic work is the intention to generate uncluttered spaces, punctuated by measured, decisive gestures, into which the listener/reader may enter as an active participant in aesthetic experience. Given its reductionist framework, this activity necessarily invites an engagement with the dynamism and immediacy of interiority.

Since 2003 his music has been published by such labels as Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Line (USA), Non Visual Objects (Austria), and Atak (Japan), both solo and in collaboration.

Current music projects include a CD with Dean King and the avant-garde metal trio Gauchiste.

If his literary work (under the name Thomas Phillips) can be said to resonate with any tradition, it is that which has developed in contemporary France, including such writers such figures as Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Jean Echenoz, and Marie Redonnet.
2009 saw the publication of his first novel, Long Slow Distance, by Object Press (Toronto). His second novel, Insouciance, was published by Spuyten Duyvil (New York), in 2011.

Phillips teaches literature courses at NCSU, including an Honors seminar on minimalist fiction and music.

Tomas Phillips